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Meeting (to be) held from 18:00-20:00 on 2017/09/28 in Nuffield Small Lecture Room


This Weeks Talk

There is no talk scheduled for this meeting yet.

Amateur Radio

Recurring Points

  • Exams
    • 4 weeks notice after the intro outing , need to speak to Henry when he is back on 12th October
    • 2 weeks to decide if people want to take exams, but advanced candidates need to let club know as soon as possible
    • Consider that we only have 3 members at the intermediate level
    • We need more assessors to sign off candidates
    • Preferably the exams will not take place on a Thursday evening
    • Thinking about 18th November for preliminary exam date
  • Projects
  • Callsign updates


Joint Agenda

This Month's Events

Next Month's Events

Recurring Points

  • Finances
  • User accounts and mailing list subscriptions
  • External contacts and queries
  • Students' Union business



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