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Meeting (to be) held from 18:00-20:00 on 2017/03/16 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room


This Weeks Talk

There is no talk scheduled for this meeting yet.

Amateur Radio

  • Family day planning
    • Who can be at Family day?
      • Tom Kelly
      • Tyler Ward
      • Cori Haws
      • Not Henry...
    • Running direction finding again.
      • Need to make sure that the kit still works, and that it's child friendly -- no stabbiness
      • Contingent upon the weather being relatively dry -- current forecast is high risk of rain (Tyler forecast) -- wunderground says it'll be dry.
    • Morse is fun; kids might like it...
      • How would they communicate?
    • HF antenna?
      • What about the end-fed zepp?
      • Remember the non-ionising radiation sign
      • How would we rig the antenna? Between Murray and Maths? High noise floor.
    • Could we have people playing with the WebSDR?
      • Pretty waterfall
      • Can we find a larger monitor so that people can see it from a distance?
    • We need to look more interesting than student robotics <-- boo hiss
    • Is it worth trying to get into Garden Court? Radio activities in a basement != good performance.
      • We may be able to take Cyber Security Soc's spot in Garden Court

  • Morse sounder kits and powerpoles for club stock discussion
    • The designs are done.
    • PCB order is in.
    • Group order for components being put in this weekend
      • If you want to get in on this, talk to Tyler.
        • Deadline: Next weekend.
    • We want to buy one for the club.
      • It will cost ~£5 (PCB) + ~£25 (Sounder components) + ~£9 (Keyer components) = ~£39 inc. VAT
      • Vote: Does the society approve that this be purchased from club general funds? Max approval limit £45.
        • Result: No objections -- Motion passed.

  • Powerpole order
    • Some people who are getting the morse sounder will need this.
    • Consequently, we're doing another load of these.
    • Contact Tyler if you want one, so that Tyler can do a group order.
      • Deadline: Next weekend.
    • Should the club create a stock of these boxes?
      • See below
    • We have some boards left over from the last batch
      • You'll need your own components -- talk to Tyler if you need to order components as part of the group order

  • Additional purchases for club stock:
    • We have about £60 left in the club-stock-money-tin
    • One morse sounder kit (minus key) (approx £30)
    • 10-15 powerpole connectors (approx £10)
    • Vote: Does the society approve that this be purchased from the club general funds? Max approval limit £45.
      • There are objections -- Schmendrick thinks we'll need the money for VFO kits.
      • Result: motion deferred
    • Interestingly, we were surprised by the amount of money in the club-kit money tin. Tyler to review the log-book to ensure we've not forgotten to charge people for stuff.
    • The club may need to put some money in to help with the next purchase of VFO boards -- to be repaid by those building the kits.
      • Action: Henry to enquire about how much the VFO kits will cost.
      • Action: Henry to take the money that he's owed from the club-kit money-box so that we actually know where we stand.

Recurring Points

  • Exams
    • They happened.
      • Intermediates all passed.
      • Waiting for results for Advanced entrants.
      • People singing next door were not as distracting as the people banging each other with sticks.


Joint Agenda

This Month's Events

Next Month's Events

Recurring Points

  • Finances
    • Funding Round 3 application
      • Any ideas?
      • We know they're running short of money in our zone. Are there any small things that we could bid for?
      • Powerpole crimp tool?
        • Matched funding? £60 in total -- £30 from SUSU, £30 from the club
        • At the moment we're using a crimp tool Tyler found that is "roughly the right size".
  • User accounts and mailing list subscriptions
  • External contacts and queries
  • Students' Union business
    • Storage survey
      • We filled this in in the meeting.


  • Cupboard key!!!!!!!
  • When are we having the AGM?
    • Next week is a meeting, so it can't be then.
    • Easter's in the way. :-(
    • Provisional decision: 27th April 1830-1930
      • Tom Kelly to confer with Arihant and email out details.


  • £48.06 for the current SOWN Zepler project needs to come out of the SUWS Mast budget
    • Rationale: We're not getting anywhere with the actual mast project, and this way we can at least get some AR kit up on a mast.
    • Consists of the two USB SDRs and the SMA male to N female pigtails.
    • Vote: Is this budget transfer accepted?
      • Decision: No objections. Motion carried.

See SOWN Agenda