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Meeting (to be) held from 18:00-20:00 on 2016/02/04 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room


Amateur Radio

Licence exams

  • Next full date - Saturday 5th March. Bit tight for Intermediate practicals, so Foundation and Full only this date. Deadline 19th Feb

This month's events

  • Do we have a talk for tonight?
    • No
  • Decide on events for February
    • Chris is happy to do more Wireless Network related talks, please suggest topics.
    • Phil had an idea for a talk about ARIS. He will let us know when he's ready.
    • Talk to the guy who makes the End-fed Zepps.
  • Put events on wiki/facebook/Futureworlds
    • Construction evening next doing
    • Chris talk in two weeks' time (along with meeting)
  • New Forest ISS SSTV reception
  • Outing on the common
  • SOWN Workshop
  • Mast Workshop

SUSU funding round 2

  • We got the funded we wanted for extra licence exam books
    • SUSU said the money should be in our account by 31st January
    • Darren will check money has gone into our account
      • The money hadn't gone in last time Darren checked but he's not checked too recently.

Stock of people who need to pay for club kit used

  • Should be a book with the money tin to see what is outstanding
  • Stock items with purchaser unknown (according to last meeting minutes):
    • 1.6ish m of ladder line (pay Tyler)
    • 1 BNC connector (pay Tyler)
    • 1 BNC connector (pay Club)
    • 3m ish of RG58 (pay Tyler)

Shirt and Fleece orders

  • These have arrived please collect them from David Newman
    • Need another £6 for polo shirts and £10 for fleeces.


  • Tyler is chasing this up. Progress?

SUWS WordPress site

  • Add events widget to homepage?
    • Dave will chase up but wants ideas on how to put it.
  • Can people upload any club photos taken within the past two years to the WordPress site

QSL Card Order

  • Darren was ordering these form VistraPrint so we could get more for our money

Callsign list update

Amateur Radio AOB

  • Anything?

Joint Agenda

Anyone need to mailing list?

AGM reminder

  • 17th March 2016 at 18:45
  • PLEASE consider being a committee member, because we will be losing a few next year.

AOB (Joint)


No agenda this week but could discuss Doodle poll for weekend workshop