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Meeting (to be) held from 18:00-20:00 on 2015/11/05 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room


Delivering high speed internet in the 21st Century talk by Chris Malton

Amateur Radio

Licence examinations (nsefan)

  • Next date: Mon 7th Dec 19:00; deadlines 16th Nov respectively.
  • Practical Training Sessions.
  • Intermediate and Founation practicals next week.
    • Soldering irons and toolkits, bring them please!


  • E&F have assigned someone to look into the antenna array
  • have contacted Tony to organise a meeting

Kit Construction doing next week

  • Licence practicals
    • Intermediate: VFO kits
  • 10m antenna kits - bring them if you have them
  • Slimjims (2m or 70cm)
  • Refurbing HF dipole still
  • Morse sounder project - design/etc.

AOB (radio)

  • QSL card competition
    • Should be officially started after freshers arrive
    • Winner gets 25 QSL cards of own design (club gets 75 of winning design)
    • Only paid members can {be eligible for prize,vote} (delete as appropriate)
    • Rear design in competition as well.

Joint Agenda

  • Communications
    • Facebook group
    • IRC
      • or
        • #G3KMI
        • #SOWN
    • Mailing list
      • You can sign up to the SUWS mailing list by sending an email to Although it should not be necessary, please add the word subscribe to both the subject and message body to lessen the chances of email being treated as spam by our mail servers.
  • Storage update
    • Zepler cupboard
      • A new cupboard has been found
      • It will be moved to Mountbatten L3 once the coffee room frees up.
        • shouldn't be long now
    • Cage 9
      • Meeting feedback
        • Code has been changed, this might happen more regularly to ensure control on how many people have access.
  • SUSU Funding issues
    • we have the funding round 1 monies
    • only paid £50 for the two opendays
    • Attempt to contact SUSU; Darren couldn't find the right person.
  • Funding round 2
    • applications open today
    • What do we want to apply for
      • More Foundation and Intermediate books (two foundation, two intermediate, two advanced, two revision)
      • Storage bags for antennas (eg HF beam)
    • update groups hub members list


See SOWN Agenda