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Meeting (to be) held from 18:00-20:00 on 2015/05/21 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room


SUSU Anetenna Array Doing Session


  • Discuss SUSU issues
    • potential permission issue with mast

  • Test Wi-Fi dish works as expected.
    • Possible assignee(s): daveruss
    • Turn on and connect to web admin interface.
    • Test a long-ish distance link. Maybe the length of Salisbury Road
    • Will need battery/mains inverter for Wi-Fi dish

  • Install new SSD mSata card for APU board
    • Possible assignee(s): cmalton, daveruss
    • What OS do we want to put on here. There is not need to use OpenWRT now.

  • Measurements and CAD drawings for Estates and Facilities guide
    • Possible assignees: Scorpia (CAD), Muzer, Henry (Measurements)

  • Risk Assessment
    • Possible assignees: Schmendrick, Scorpia
    • Both for deployment and day to day once it is erected.

  • Determining parts for ordering
    • Possible assignees: craag, Schmendrick, Muzer
    • Replacement antenna elemets, hex bolts, mounting kit, coax, etc.
    • for missing Yagi parts see SUSU_Antenna_Array/HF_Yagi