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Meeting (to be) held from 18:00-20:00 on 2014/03/20 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room


Amateur Radio

Science & Engineering Family Day: Saturday 22nd March

  • G3KMI stand
  • Radio orienteering
  • PA system
  • Tyler to email the mailing list to inquire about availability.

Licence Exams

  • List of full exam dates here
  • Next next full date: 2nd May -- talk to Henry -- Deadline 10th April
  • Intermediate:
  • Foundation:


Loaning kit

  • Something like SOWN[at]HOME Node load agreement form needed so we have recourse if a member does not return a loaned piece of kit. -- Soft-assigned to Schmendrick


  • Southampton Makerspace
    • Possibility of lending the Discone to the makerspace.
      • Set up WebSDR?
      • How much notice would we want to be able to give to get it back if we needed it?
        • 1 month seems reasonable. This would depend on how the antenna was sited.

People's radio goals for the year (inc. non radio goals)

  • What do people want to do?
    • HF IP network
    • More operating
    • Graeme wants a very cold outing - Graeme to arrange weather
      • Bring a laptop so that members can get used to the logging software
    • Shack
    • Get more instructors ordained
    • Monthly net? (Experimental repeater)
      • 70cm experimental net. Do we want to give time for some people to get slimjims first?
  • Fox hunt (no real foxes... don't hurt us)
  • Fix some kit

Club Storage

  • Zepler cupboard
  • Increased occupancy of cage 9
    • Tyler filled in the SUSU storage survey

Corporate sponsorship

  • SUSU has approved
  • need to decide what items we would like
  • First Newsletter -- Start writing it now, aim to have it in by end of Feb. Then one after Easter.
  • [1]
    • Coordinated by El Presidente
  • Doodle poll for workshop is here

Money from SUSU

  • Money was for the educational development stuff.

Kit wishlist

Joint Agenda

  • AGM -- Next week. Check your emails.
  • AOB
  • Deal with email
  • Funding round 3


See SOWN Agenda