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Meeting (to be) held from 18:00-20:00 on 2013/11/21 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room


Amateur Radio (18:00)

Licence Exams

  • Next Full date:
    • Thursday 30th January
    • Applications need to be with the RSGB by 8th January.
  • People wanting to take exams:
    • Muzer wants to take the advanced.
    • Morse is a maybe

Two Axis Rotator

The club has the option to purchase a two axis rotator at £40. Club seemed positive. Graeme has acquired another control box and PC interface.

Negative votes: 0 Ambivalent votes: 4 Positive votes: 7

Manufacturer's Website

Talk to Taz

Changes to the SUWS membership page

  • [1]
    • Added Status (Student, Staff, Alumnus(a))

We now have an inventory page

Junk Sale

  • HelioFA

Space Flight Society

  • Having a launch Saturday next. Talk to Phil for more info.

Loaning kit

  • If it's inventoried.
  • Linked to their member page.
  • Questions raised about permanent storage. Until we have a shack everything is in limbo.
  • Similar concept to the SOWN @ Home node agreement.
    • scorpia to add fields to the inventory.

Joint Agenda

Current Affairs

  • SUSU now has our bank details...

SOWN (19:00)

See Agenda