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The old G3KMI shack in SUSU, now a SUSU office.

G3KMI/GX3KMI is the callsign of the Southampton University Club. The callsign has been held by the Club since 1955, this was until the Club went inactive around 1998. The callsign was then recovered on the 4th May 2011.

The Club station does not currently have a shack and has little kit, however we are working to rectify this. A Club station would allow us to easily enter Contests as a Club, as well as providing a proven and maintained setup for use by our members.

For what the Club used to get up to (pre-2000) see G3KMI_History also see the photos at: G3KMI Old Photos.

Portable Operation

Due to the current lack of a permanent home, or 'shack', the club sets up temporary, 'portable' stations to activate G3KMI.

So far several of these have been set up on the Southampton Common as well as on the coast near Milford-on-Sea with generally a good deal of success.

some of these can be found at Outings