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The FT-101EE is the HF Transceiver currently owned by the Club. It is one of the original pieces of Club Kit rescued from the skip.

The Transceiver achieved several contacts across Europe in a recent SSB contest on 40m, and so has been verified to work!

A PDF copy of the manual can be found here.


  • 100W PEP Output
  • 1.8 - 30 Mhz Frequency Range
  • USB, LSB, CW, AM Modes
  • DC Supply: 13.8V, 20A (TX)
  • AC: 300W (TX)


Repairs were carried out by M0NSA. The following issues have been fixed:

  • Inconsistent tuning - Tuning Knob was not properly attached to mechanism, fixed and oiled.
  • Ic Meter Non-Functional - Switch cleaned, fixed.
  • ALC Meter intermittent - Switch cleaned, fixed.

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