2015 QSL Card Design Competition

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  1. The winning design will represent the society identity, show off some of our more interesting accomplishments, and be compatible with the values of the society, the Union, and the University.
  2. The winning design will become the society's official QSL card design.
  3. The winning design will be chosen by a vote of the society membership. The vote will be conducted according to the Approval Voting method (see CGP Grey's explanation). The vote will be conducted at the SUWS Christmas Party on the 10th December 2015 at The Crown Inn.
  4. Designs must consist of artwork 109mm x 152mm (4.29" x 5.98") at 300dpi. Templates available here under the heading "Postcards". Please note: this includes a bleed area, so make sure your design takes this into account.
  5. Designs may be single- or double-sided, but in the latter case must make provision for the contact information usually put on a QSL card. (See our gallery for examples.)
  6. For an entry to be considered, it must be emailed to the society secretary before the deadline.
  7. Only paid-up members of the society are eligible to submit entries or to vote for the winning design.
  8. The prize for the creator of the winning design will be 25 QSL cards printed to a design of their choice. This design will need to be submitted by Monday 4th January 2016 so that it can be printed along with the society's QSL cards. This design must also be compatible with the values of the society, the Union, and the University.
  9. The copyright of the winning entry will be transferred to the society. The copyright of all unsuccessful entries will remain with the respective creators. The society will have the right to publish any entries on its website.
    • Consequently, all entries may only contain copyrighted material for which the creator holds the necessary copyright permissions to facilitate this, and the design must comply with any attribution conditions.
  10. The society committee retains absolute discretion over the interpretation of these rules and the administration of this competition. Submission of an entry to this competition constitutes acceptance of these rules.

Deadline for submissions

Monday 7th December 2015 by 23:59.