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Meeting (to be) held from 18:00-20:00 on 2015/10/22 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room


Changes to licence conditions

A talk on the changes to the amateur radio license.

Link to PDF version of slides

Amateur Radio Agenda

Licence examinations (nsefan)

  • Next date: Mon 7th Dec 19:00; deadlines 16th Nov respectively.
  • Practical Training Sessions.


  • Have messaged VPDCI for an update (last update was 2 months ago)
    • VP DCI says meeting has either just happened or is about to happen; she is chasing up results.

EMF 2016

  • 5th-7th August 2016
    • SUWS attendance?
  • Guildford!

Kit at M0NSA_QTH

  • The HF power amp is still there

AOB (radio)

  • QSL card competition
    • Should be officially started after freshers arrive
    • Winner gets 25 QSL cards of own design (club gets 75 of winning design)
    • Only paid members can {be eligible for prize,vote} (delete as appropriate)
    • Rear design in competition as well.

Joint Agenda

  • Communications
    • Facebook group
    • IRC
      • or
        • #G3KMI
        • #SOWN
    • Mailing list
      • You can sign up to the SUWS mailing list by sending an email to Although it should not be necessary, please add the word subscribe to both the subject and message body to lessen the chances of email being treated as spam by our mail servers.
  • Storadge update
    • Zepler cupboard
      • A new cupboard has been found
      • It will be moved to Mountbatten L3 once the coffee room frees up.
    • Cage 9
      • Meeting Monday 6pm
      • DVB kit been temporarily loaned to UnionFilms to fill a rack.
  • SUSU Funding issues
    • we have the funding round 1 monies
    • only paid £50 for the two opendays
    • Schmendrick went to investigate, and this is his carefully worded statement of events:
Originally, each society should have been paid £50 per weekend. 
This is the amount the University has paid SUSU.

We considered the original email to be ambiguous and asked for 
clarification as to whether the £50 was per weekend or per day.

On the 1st April a member of SUSU staff emailed back and said 
very clearly and unambiguously that it was £50 per day.

We only did one weekend (2 days), and SUSU consequently paid 
us only £50, as per the original plan. We, naturally, were 
expecting £100, having done two days.

SUSU is investigating. The member of staff I spoke to was unsure 
as to what could be done, but will email me when they know more.

My recommendation is to be patient and wait until we hear back. 
If we don't like the response, then it would be appropriate for 
us to approach either the Student Groups Officer, or a 
Sabbatical Officer. It would be inappropriate for a student to
get into an argument directly with SUSU staff, as per the SUSU
Staff-Student Partnership Agreement.