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Outing (to be) held from 00:00-23:00 on 2017/12/06 in/on SUSU Redbrick area


We are operating a YOTA Month station on 6/12/17. This involves setting up a station, putting out calls, and generally promoting the hobby for as much of the day as we can. We will be operating with the special event call sign GB17YOTA.

The ISS will be transmitting SSTV on 145.800 MHz throughout the day.

Risk assessment: RiskAssessment/YOTA_Month_2017

Equipment list

Radio Gear (for operating)

  • Mobile station:
    • FT920
    • Battery
  • 20m end-fed
  • IC7000
  • HF Vertical (10-12-15-17-20-30-40)
  • R9500 receiver
  • 2m rig for 145.350
  • 2m yagi for ISS SSTV RX

Operating Accessories

  • Scrap paper for note taking
  • Log book
  • Printouts with the special event call, locator and general structure of a QSO to help less experienced people
  • Printouts of the relevant band plans
  • laptop/PC for QRZ lookups
  • pens
  • chairs
  • gazebo


  • Club banners
  • Maybe print out a couple of YOTA posters on A3 to have up on the station
  • RSGB flyers + badges
  • Flyers with club meeting info on
  • Pi SSTV

Available people

We're going to need as many people as possible to keep the station running throughout the day. We're under no obligation to be on the air continuously from midnight to midnight, but longer is always better. Please add yourself to the list if you're around (and list any time restrictions) so that we can plan the day properly.

  • David Young (probably can't do between 10am and 3pm)
  • Cori 10am till 3pm maybe later.
  • Henry, hopefully all day
  • Freddie, not in the middle part of the day
  • Dave N for setup and packdown
  • Tom K - from 10am onwards
  • Tyler