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[[|]] | Current Meeting:



Meeting (to be) held from 18:00-20:00 on 2015/11/19 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room


Amateur Radio

Announcing of the QSL Card Competition

2015 QSL Card Design Competition

Licence examinations (nsefan)

  • Next date: Mon 7th Dec 19:00; deadline now PASSED.
  • Practical Training Sessions.


  • E&F have assigned someone to look into the antenna array
  • have contacted Tony to organise a meeting
    • Tony has not yet responded. Tyler contacted VP DCI to inquire, also no response yet.

Doing next week

  • What are we doing?
    • A few practicals left to do.
    • Continue building antennas (Slim Jims/10m).
    • Continue fixing/refurbishing the HF beam.

RSGB Survey

Can people who have taken photos at recent events please upload them?

  • Within the past two years

AOB (radio)

Joint Agenda

Funding round 2

  • Applications still open (close on 29th)
  • What do we want to apply for
    • More Foundation and Intermediate books (two foundation, two intermediate, two advanced, two revision)
      • Confirm - we should apply for 50% funding
        • Now submitted, thanks Darren!
    • Storage bags for antennas (eg HF beam)
      • Confirmed assuming we can find ones big enough for a decent price.
  • Update groups hub members list

Who wants accounts on things?


  • Facebook group
  • IRC
    • or
      • #G3KMI
      • #SOWN
  • Mailing list
    • You can sign up to the SUWS mailing list by sending an email to Although it should not be necessary, please add the word subscribe to both the subject and message body to lessen the chances of email being treated as spam by our mail servers.

Storage update

  • Cupboard
    • A wild cupboard appears in Mountbatten Coffee Room
    • We don't yet have a key for it though, assuming it's ours.
    • Henry awaiting response re this.
  • Cage 9
    • Arihant says it seems to alternate between being in a tip/being tidy, which is better than it was before.
    • BREAKING NEWS: The lock might have broken.
  • Building 32 Cupboard
    • No changes here. Could do with tidying up.

SUSU Funding issues

  • we have the funding round 1 monies
  • only paid £50 for the two opendays
  • Attempt to contact SUSU; Darren couldn't find the right person.
    • It has now been resolved according to SUSU's finance page. We have not yet verified it's in our account but we have no reason to suspect it isn't.


See SOWN Agenda

  • Tim Chown is likely to be providing funding for new nodes. They look very promising both for standard nodes (replacement for Merakis) and SOWN[at]Anywhere aka SOWN[at]The Crown.