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Meeting (to be) held from 18:00-20:00 on 2015/05/28 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room


Amateur Radio

Licence Exams

  • Anyone?
  • Next exam likely October, Arihant and Christian, Andy Barrett-Sprot want to do intermediate.


  • Overview of things that have happened
  • Yagi for 70cm - single/crossed?
    • Single, I think, because we determined crossed was too big/expensive.
    • Tyler suggests asking Moonraker for a custom one?
    • Polarisation
      • Horizontal, as the vertical can cover vertical.
  • Powerbeam Range test with nanobeam
    • That will happen, in the maths tower, later this evening hopefully.
  • Other societies
    • Astrosoc hasn't got back to me yet.
    • It'd be nice to have a meeting with/directly contact other socs.
  • Other mast business
    • Henry needs to respond to HF beam people
  • Tyler has spoken to Mike Nash, he has passed on the information to the person who needs to approve it.

VHF National Field Day Contest (4th-5th July)

Residual wordpressy things

  • Wiki homepage button?

QSL Cards

  • QSL card design submissions
    • On hold due to the mast
  • Received QSL cards
    • Murray has volunteered to scan these in but needs to get the cards off Tyler - any progress?
    • Also buy and put in a physical album - any progress?

AOB (radio)

Joint Agenda

Mailing List and Wiki

  • Mailing list additions (Dave N)
  • New wiki accounts (Dave N)


  • We still need another key, I think?
    • Ask Joyce how it works.

AOB (joint)

    • 6:30pm (probably get there a little earlier in order to get a place in the queue), Guild Hall. Free entry, no tickets required. But obviously you need to pay for the beer...


See SOWN Agenda