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Meeting (to be) held from 18:00-20:00 on 2016/03/03 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room


Amateur Radio

Licence exams

  • Number of entrants --- 1
  • Scheduling for practical work --- N/A
  • Next exams: Fri 6th May, deadline: 22nd April.
    • Applicants: Arihant for Advanced, David Young for Intermediate, Freddie for Advanced, Mohit for Foundation

SUSU funding round 3?

  • Antenna bags
    • HF beam
    • HF vertical
    • 2M yagi
  • Padlock for cage 9
  • Portable mast.
  • Any other sugestions

SUSU funding round 2

  • Licensing book orders
    • Those have arrived.

Stock of people who need to pay for club kit used

  • Should be a book with the money tin to see what is outstanding
  • Stock items with purchaser unknown (according to last meeting minutes):
    • 1.6ish m of ladder line (pay Tyler)
    • 1 BNC connector (pay Tyler)
    • 1 BNC connector (pay Club)
    • 3m ish of RG58 (pay Tyler)


  • Workshop progress
  • Update from SUSU / Estates and Facilities
  • Deferred due to lack of time

SUWS WordPress site

QSL Card Order

  • Confirm layout for back of card and dimensions
  • Darren will the place order with VistaPrint

Callsign list update

  • Anyone not added new callsign after December exams?

Outing report

  • Batteries were depleted. Oops.
  • It was cold. Good.
  • Biscuits and digestive biscuit sandwiches are delicious.
  • Only made a couple of contacts. We should have entered the contest...
  • Tried to use Morse's table, but they couldn't figure out how to assemble it.
  • Used the end-fed Zepp. Tried to use Henry's Pro whip, it didn't work. Would work quite well to set up a wire HF dipole between two trees. That would be cool.
  • Didn't have enough chairs, but had a bench.
  • We could do with a weight for throwing things into trees, or a drone ;)
  • NEED MALLET!!!!!!!!

Amateur Radio AOB

  • Anything?

Joint Agenda

This month's events

  • Two weeks' time is the AGM
  • Then it's easter, so people still here can just meet and not do much
  • Software hacking session.

Storage shenanigans

  • 54 Cupboard
  • 32 Cupboard
  • Cage 9
    • Arihant went down and the cage was a tip, moreso than usual. He posted it to group.
    • LiveSoc blamed unauthorised users using their kit
    • Tyler has changed code and told Cage 9 Facebook group
    • We want to change back to a padlock + key, as if LiveSoc's accusations are accurate, the code system simply isn't working.

Anyone need to be added to the mailing list?

AGM reminder

  • 17th March 2016 at 18:45
  • PLEASE consider being a committee member, because we will be losing a few next year.

AOB (Joint)

  • Science and engineering family day! 12th March
  • PiSSTV, HF station with end-fed Zepp or Vertical if we're feeling good and good weather
  • Lots of static displays
    • SOWN nodes
    • Dish
    • Books
    • Signs/banners
    • Cool antennas
  • VHF radios (one on KMINet, one on PiSSTV)
  • WebSDR laptop


See SOWN Agenda